Episode 1411: Coon 2: Hindsight

The second half of season 14 has been less than impressive so far, and unfortunately, the streak continues with the first entry in a trilogy continuing the storyline of Cartman’s superhero alter-ego, the Coon. While the first episode on the Coon and Mysterion was funny because it poked fun at The Dark Knight and Watchmen, movies that had created a buzz during that same time, at this point, it feels recycled and unfunny. I was excited about South Park tackling the BP oil spill, but I feel that their concentration on the comic book aspect of the story was a mistake considering the things they could have done with such a controversial issue.

The inclusion of a superhero called “Captain Hindsight” and the BP owner’s ridiculous apologies are amusing, but this is an example of yet another episode this season that started off with a great concept and simply fell short of expectations.


The episode starts off by introducing the boys as superheroes in a group dedicated to fighting crime known as “Coon and Friends.” Then a real superhero, Captain Hindsight, shows up, providing “wisdom” by showing up after every disaster and revealing what should have been done to prevent the problem. This is a great metaphor for the BP disaster, but the execution doesn’t produce as many laughs as it should.

The struggle between Cartman and the rest of the group doesn’t really go anywhere until the Coon viciously attacks the Mosquito, which is done as a tribute to “A Clockwork Orange,” but the joke was probably lost on the majority of the show’s audience.

As with any South Park episode, there were moments that had me dying laughing, including the BP owner’s apologies, the change of the company’s name from BP to DP (Double Penetration), and a Louisiana accent that is absolutely hysterical.  Professor Chaos in the holding cell, the return of Timmy, Butters dressing up like Courtney Love, and the allusion to previous episodes with the deceased Tom Cruise and killer whale Willzyx on the moon were all humorous inclusions as well. There is definitely promise that the next episode will improve with the dark god Cthulhu being unleashed and Cartman’s funny and ominous ending, but overall, I was unimpressed.


South Park will never run out of material for satire, but lately it seems like the episodes have been underdeveloped.  The first entry in the trilogy is probably the weakest one (the Mintberry Crunch jokes won’t reach their full potential until the very last part of the trilogy), and they do get progressively better, but I kept waiting for some cathartic scene to bring everything together and make it funny.  That scene never happened.

Once again, great concepts and ideas are at work, but the execution was a bit off for South Park standards.  Attacking BP is a no-brainer, but at the end of the episode, I really didn’t feel like the writers went as hard as they should have, even if watching this or any episode of South Park is still entertaining.  I’m hoping Stone and Parker remember sometime soon that good satire directly attacks the source, rather than just alluding to it every now and then.

Coon and Friends


About Gerald Bourguet

Gerald Bourguet is an aspiring sports writer with a special love for basketball. In his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Gerald won a high school state basketball championship and had dreams of playing in the NBA...until he stopped growing and decided to write about basketball instead. Gerald is a recent graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. As a member of Barrett, the Honors College, he earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in journalism in just four years. Gerald currently covers the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls for HoopsHabit, writes daily fantasy basketball posts for ReUPsports and runs his own NBA blog and music website. Gerald's favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Phoenix Suns. He eagerly awaits the day the Suns hoist a championship banner, sometime in 2055.
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8 Responses to Episode 1411: Coon 2: Hindsight

  1. MammaItaliana says:

    Okay, I don’t know what the rest of the episode was like, but the clip your link led to was hilarious. A group of us were just talking about how they talk in Louisiana last night and how difficult it is to understand them, the way they jump from one sentence, one thought to another without any hesitation in-between. Hilarious!

    As to Stone and Parker steering from their usual direct satirical humor, perhaps they have lost sight of their original goals and going mainstream, younger generation funny. Sad if they are…..

  2. I don’t think they are going mainstream, the show has always been popular and they’ve always maintained their satirical power, but I think the controversy with episodes 200 and 201 might have taken some of the wind out of their sails

  3. John Fitsjerald says:

    Honestly, i think you are some douchebag sitting in his living room watching south park because you didnt get into college and you look up words that you dont even know in the dictionary and use them in sentances to make people think you are smart. you are taking the show way to seriously. the whole point of south park is to take people away from serious and make them see the funny side.

    • John, your comment was so poorly thought out that I considered deleting it, but I decided against it. If you look at my About Me information you will notice I’m currently attending ASU and am part of a 4 year program that will allow me to graduate with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s. Satire is not meant to be taken seriously and that’s not what I’m doing, I’m simply pointing out that the writer’s use of satire has been slacking in the past few episodes and because of it, the “funny side” that people are supposed to be seeing hasn’t been there. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Also, you might want to consider using a dictionary every now and then. “Sentences” is spelled with an e and I think you confused “to” with “too.”

      • Richard Benton says:

        Gerald, I am John’s father. I am terribly sorry about what my son said on your page. He has been having a tough time lately; his mom just passed away three days before he made that comment. I will make sure he is punished, but I just wanted to let you know that he will never go on your website again.

        Richard Benton

  4. Richard Benton says:

    Gerald, I am John’s father. I am terribly sorry about what my son said on your page. He has been having a tough time lately; his mom just died three days before he made that comment. I will make sure he is punished, but I just wanted to let you know that he will never go on your website again. I was looking through his websites, and there was your site. I am so sorry

    Richard Benton

    • Richard, no harm done. As a publisher of online content, one must be accustomed to criticism and respond accordingly, no matter what form it comes in. My condolences to you and your son, no apology is necessary. God bless, Gerald

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